Music Updates


This page will provide updates from the Hoosier Star Organizers and Past Participants to encourage our 2020 Participants!

A message from Hoosier STAR Chair Cherri Blair-Drayton

A Message from the Chairman of the board for La Porte County Symphony Orchestra – Leigh Morris

Hoosier Star is a unique and wonderful opportunity for vocalists of all ages to compete for the opportunity to showcase their talents with an orchestra—our own great La Porte County Symphony Orchestra. It culminates in a star-studded evening at the La Porte Civic Auditorium that has enthralled audiences for nearly 15 years. I think it gets better and more exciting every
year. If you’ve attended in the past, be sure you don’t miss this year’s Hoosier Star on September 12. If you haven’t, make it a “must do event” this year. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

“Hello to all our Hoosier Star Auditionees,

As you know, we had to postpone our auditions that were regularly scheduled for March 20-21. In hindsight, we absolutely made the right decision.   Our team is currently working on finding an alternative date sometime this summer to accommodate everyone. 

Thank you so much for making the choice to audition. As a singer myself,  I know how much courage it takes to audition for anything! I truly think that singers are strong people. We have to be! We put our reputations on the line every time we step up to the microphone! I applaud all of you for taking the step to audition and we can’t wait to hear you!  (hopefully, sooner than later!)”

Tim King
Executive Director
La Porte County Symphony Orchestra

A Message From Hoosier STAR Guest Conductor Alastair Willis.

A Message from Hoosier STAR Master of Ceremonies Jeremiah Mellen.

This is Past Hoosier STAR Winner James Neary Encouragement: There’s got to be a day when we can hug our friends and family again. Hope for that day is what I’m holding on to.

This is a difficult time for the entire world right now from people losing their jobs to losing loved ones. But through this darkness I’ve also seen humanity at their brightest being more compassionate and Kinder than ever before. May we continue being a blessing to each other when we are through this period in our lives. Praying for safety and peace for all.  – Laura Carns

This is Saige Brumbaugh Hoosier STAR past winner. She says she hopes everyone is staying safe and felt Nessun Dorma was a good song to sing right now because like the song says. We will be victorious!

We are all in this together.  Music and my faith is helping me big time.  Keep checking in with friends and family and spend this time that we have working on ourselves.  We will come out of this thing bigger better and stronger.  – Evan Wooding

Jarynn Sampson’s Performance and words of encouragement.

James Neary and His Guitar – Somebody to Love

Music can always comfort me in hard times. I hope that everyone can turn towards music in this time. I also love singing Colors of the Wind because it’s a great message about showing everyone kindness and empathy. We could all use some of that! Thank you! Hope you’re doing well!

-Victoria Horne