Audition Judges

Saturday, September 7, 2019 at 7:00 pm Central


Hoosier STAR 2019 Audition Judges


Hoosier STAR 2019 welcomes Diane Perigo as audition judge and welcomes back Ken Grace Jr and Lee Meyer. Auditions will take place at Little Theatre. A BiG Thank you to Katy Gartland and the Little Theatre Team!

S. Diane Perigo is a resident of Lowell, Indiana. Music has played a major role in Diane’s world throughout her life, and not much time passes between occasions to sing. She studied voice with Rebecca Osborn of Music of Oz Studios, and Joe Evan Burt of Northwestern University. In addition to several community theater productions, Diane has performed with The United States Collegiate Choir, The Lafayette Bach Chorale, The Northwest Indiana Symphony Chorus, and The Kankakee Valley Community Chorus. She is current member of Illumination, was a Hoosier Star finalist in 2016, and regularly performs with The LaPorte County Symphony Orchestra.

Diane is employed as the Office Manager at Tarangini Padhya, M.D., P.C., as well as a voice and piano instructor at Music of Oz Studios in Crown Point. Diane and Gary, her husband of 19 years, have been blessed with three children: Larry (17), Katherine (12), and Elizabeth (12). Her family is at the core of Diane’s heart and motivation. She is devoted to her life as a mom watching her kids excel at their favorite activities. In addition to her lifelong love of music, Diane enjoys spending time outdoors, playing volleyball, and getting her hands dirty working on household projects.




Lee Meyer holds a BM and MM degrees from the American Conservatory in Chicago, Illinois. He is instrumental as Director of programs for Monday Musicale and accompanies and directs the Michigan City Community Chorus and accompanies the Footlight Players vocal ensemble, The Footnotes. He has been the Musical/Vocal Director for Footlight Players, Dunes Arts Foundation, Chicago Street Theater, 4th Street Theater, Laporte Little Theater and has been an organist for many places of worship all over Northwest Indiana. In 1987 he happily married his lovely wife of 32 years, Laura, who he has collaborated on many theatrical and musical productions. He is very happy to have been asked to be a judge at the auditions for this great event put on by The LaPorte Symphony for the 3rd year in a row.







Ken Grace holds a bachelor degree in music from North Central University in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 2001, Ken moved home to La Porte, Indiana, to become the music director of La Porte Assembly of God church. Ken has had the privilege of working full time as a church music director, touring and studio musician, producer, and director since 1997. Ken directed and produced “The Life-Giver” passion play in St. Paul Minnesota from 1997 to 2001. He directed the “Gospel According To Scrooge” from 2008 to 2010. He also produced the “Flood Event” youth conference from 2012 to 2016. One of Ken’s greatest joy’s is to invest in young musicians, giving them the opportunity to learn and develop their talent. In 1996, he married his best friend and wife, Heidi. They have been working together in music ever since. He is humbled and honored to be asked to judge at the auditions of this years Hoosier Star. 








Celebrity and Audition Judges

2006 – 2016

For the past 11 years, these judges have shaped the contest with their critiques and deliberations.

Celebrity Judges

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Stephen Becker – 2008
Anthony Brewer – 2007
Mary Kay Budak – 2008
Peyton Daley – 2007
Robert Dure – 2007, 2015
Bunny Fisher – 2009-2013, 2015
John Hancock – 2011
Jenny Hartson – 2008
Bruce Hastell – 2006, 2008
Billy Jones – 2016
Kelley King-Cole – 2008
Tim King – 2016
Robert Komendera – 2007, 2015
Kory LaBonne – 2007
Tara Lanzo – 2016
John Records Landecker – 2010
Steven Mast – 2009
Nancy Menk – 2007
Honorable Mayor Blair Milo – 2012-2013, 2015
Warren Moulton – 2012- 2015
Stephani Parker – 2006
Brian Phillips – 2009
Jim Post – 2014
Bonnie Quigley – 2014- 2015
Dennis Siddall – 2006
Kevon Smith – 2010
Mary Kay Steele – 2009
Paul Thode – 2009
Raymond R Walters – 2006
Brandon Williams – 2008

Audition Judges

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Rita Dagys – 2006
Nanda Danitschek – 2011
Christina R. Dougherty – 2010
Robert Dure – 2006
Rose Marie Dure – 2008, 2010
Sheryl Edwards – 2006-2014
Bunny Fisher – 2012
Greta Friedman – 2013-2014
Brian Godfrey – 2013-2014
Dr. Charles Groves – 2006
Jenny Hartson – 2011
Roscoe Hoffman – 2008
Stan Holdcraft – 2012
Bruce R. Johnson – 2007
Gloria Jones – 2007
Steven Mast – 2006-2011, 2013
Fran Milo – 2008-2009, 2012
Curt Passafume – 2007
Janice Rice – 2012
Susie Richter – 2010
Christopher Sallak – 2011
Mary Kay Steele – 2009
Brandon Williams – 2013-2014