Thank You 2013 Finalists

Thank You Finalists!

Finalists – Bravo again and good luck in the future and remember this message that you all wove into a tapestry for life with your Hoosier STAR 2013 performances:

Life is a “Climb” from the day you are born.  You will find that “Change” is good.  “Change” is needed to grow. Don’t be afraid to express yourself but throughout your many experiences in life, it always pays to “Listen”.  Don’t be afraid to take risks and remember that through the good and the bad there are always “Angels Among Us” to guide us and protect us.  Never ever underestimate the power of a “Smile.”  It can bring comfort to a somber room and warmth to a hurting soul.  If you think “It’s a Man’s World” then you obviously haven’t seen motivated women in action.  Needless to say, man or woman – talents abound and each of you are blessed with the gift of singing.  Share that gift with others whenever and wherever you can.  Joy is in the sharing!  Continue to set goals and strive for “The Impossible Dream.”  Anything is possible!  If loneliness and despair come your way, remember that “Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime” which means you will love and be loved.  Don’t “Cry Me a River” about the negatives.  Accentuate the positives and positive will surround you.  “Footprints in the Sand” are evident every day when you“Dance With My Father” as He guides you and at times, carries you through life’s journey.  Treasure each and every second you have on this Earth.  We don’t know what tomorrow holds, but we do have today.  It is a gift.  Share it with others and treat it with care – for “This Is the Moment.”  This is your moment in time.  Let it SHINE!!  Good luck in all your future endeavors!With deep and heartfelt appreciation,

Sheryl Edwards
LCSO’s Hoosier STAR 2006-2013 Chairperson